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W7500P ISP Program

When W7500P is in the BOOT mode, firmware writing is possible via the USB Cable. As USB Connector supports the UART2 signals, you need to connect between your PC and WIZwiki-W7500P with Mini-USB Cable.

Please refer the block diagram setting as below.

 ISP Block Diagram

To follow

1. Run “W7500_ISP (20xxxxxx) .exe”
W7500P uses the same as W7500 ISP Program.  ISP Program

2. To make WIZwiki-W7500P enter the Boot Mode, supply power once while pressing the SW2,BOOT switch.

3. Select the device connected to USB Cable from “Serial Port” and click “Open”. If you entered Boot Mode successfully, then “Serial Open Complete” message will be printed on the status bar at the bottom of window.

Before click the open button of ISP tool, we suggest you to test it in other terminal windows.
After opening serial port using the terminal windows,enter the capital “U”. If it is in the ISP mode, you can see the returned character.

 ISP Program Setting

4. Click “Browse” to select the binary file.
 ISP Program Binary Select

5. Click “ISP Start” button, then the firmware writing will be performed.

6. After the firmware writing completes, the window like below will pop up.
 ISP Complete

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