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How to write the firmware

Writing firmware in WIZwiki-W7500 has three ways.

Examples Binany

Using the CMSIS-DAP (Drag and drop)

1. When you connect the USB cable to the WIZwiki-W7500, PC recognized as a removable disk. Removable disk name is MBED.

2. you drag and drop or copy the firmware to the removable disk, the firmware writing is completed.  Drag and drop

3. After completing the firmware writing, check to open the removable disk.

4. If “fail.txt” file is exists in the removable disk, it is writing the firmware failed.

5. The number two item attempts again, after pressing the Reset of the WIZwiki- W7500.

Using the ISP

W7500 ISP Program

When W7500 is in the boot mode operations is possible via firmware writing an ISP. So WIZwiki-W7500 has a built-in ISP header. Converted to RS-232 or USB signal and connect to the PC, because ISP header is the UART signals.
Make configuration as shown below Block Diagram.

 ISP Block Diagram

To follow

1. “W7500_ISP (20150401) .exe” Double-click to run.
 ISP Program

2. Entry into the WIZwiki-W7500 boot mode. To enter the Boot Mode, Keep press the sw1 and press the SW2.

3. Set down like the picture and click “Open”. “Serial Port” is set device connected to the ISP Header. “Serial Open Complete” message comes up is successful.
 ISP Program Setting

4. Click “Browse” to select the binary.
 ISP Program Binary Select

5. “ISP” Start “Click on the firmware writing is in progress.

6. The following window will pop up when the firmware writing is complete.
 ISP Complete

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