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WizFi250 UART Throughput Test Report

Test Environment

Test Result

1. Send 10Mbyte data to PC

Baud rate Time
(Using Command Mode)
Speed(bit/s) Flow Control
3686400 47s 1.74M H/W
1843200 1m 20s 1.00M H/W
921600 2m 20s 585K H/W

2. Send 1Mbyte data to PC

Baud rate Data Mode Command Mode Flow Control
Time Speed(bit/s) Time Speed(bit/s)
3686400 24s 341K 5s 1.63M H/W
1843200 25s 327K 6s 1.36M H/W
921600 26s 315K 12s 682K H/W
115200 1m 35s 86K 1m 36s 85K H/W
  • Command Mode : To sending data, WizFi250 have to use AT+SSEND command.
  • Data Mode : Data Mode is the mode which passes data of application layers to peer-device directly, without commands.
  • For more information, Refer to Command mode & Data mode.
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