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WizFi250 Firmware

Official Latest firmware release

FW Version Hardware Date Download Description Rev 1.0 2015-02-16 latest release

Firmware history/Beta firmware

FW Version Hardware Date Download Description Rev 1.0 2014-01-16 Rev 1.0 2014-05-12 Rev 1.0 2014-08-06 Rev 1.0 2015-01-16 Rev 1.0 2015-02-16 Rev 1.0 2015-07-01 Rev 1.0 2015-12-04 latest release Rev 1.0 2016-06-30 Beta version

Update History


  • Official release


  • Added WiFi Direct(P2P) feature (limitations : WizFi250 can not operate as group owner.)
  • Added manual antenna settings and bgn mode setting
  • Fixed non-printable SSID problem
  • Fixed SSL TCP Server problem
  • Fixed <blank username/password> problem in Web
  • Fixed <adding Root CA problem> in AT+MCERT
  • Changed <Web server option> to <manual> by default (for potential memory leaks)
  • Improved Linkup/Linkdown event callback mechanism
  • Enabled user to stop the association retry with <ESC>
  • Added the following AT Commands :


  • Added option to clear tcp-idle-connection(AT+FSOCK=5,x)
  • Added WiFi Check Option(AT+WCHECK)
  • Added Web server main menu option(AT+FWEBM)
  • Added Air Command function(AT+MAIRCMD)
  • Fixed WEP Shared security problem with specific AP
  • Fixed space character problem in web server(SSID)


  • Added simple format in WSCAN Air Command
  • Fixed meaningless LED blink in bootloader
  • Fixed special character Problem in SSID
  • Fixed Broadcom NVRAM value(improved RF performance)


  • Fixed Web Configuration Token problem in Chrome


  • Fixed Continuous reset problem in AT+WCHECK
  • Fixed UART/SPI switch problem in SPI F/W
  • Added Event message format option(AT+MEVTFORM)
  • Added Event message delay option(AT+MEVTTERM)
  • Added real-time DNS query function(AT+SDNAME)
  • 버그발견(1.0.4.x 에서 UDP 모드 사용시 데이터 모드 사용 불가)


  • Special character '“', ',' can be used in SSID and Password


  • Fixed Data mode problem in UDP
  • Added TCP Server Multi Connection
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