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 ------ ------
 +Here you can find all schematics and PCB layout data for the WizFi250-EVB and the WizFi250-H Interface adapter.
 +On the EVB we use two 2x11 pin **50mil pitch** socket and pin headers to make the WizFi250 removable.
 +We put the SMD type WizFi250 module on a Interface adapter board (that is than named WizFi250-H). \\
 +The pin headers have a **distance** of exactly **17mm**.
 +{{ :​products:​wizfi250:​wizfi250evbsch:​wizfi250-h_footprint.png?​nolink&​300 |}}
 {{:​products:​wizfi250:​wizfi250evbsch:​wizfi250_evb_sch_v100_131224_.pdf|EVB Schematic(PDF)}} ​           {{:​products:​wizfi250:​wizfi250evbsch:​|EVB Schematic(Eagle CAD)}} {{:​products:​wizfi250:​wizfi250evbsch:​wizfi250_evb_sch_v100_131224_.pdf|EVB Schematic(PDF)}} ​           {{:​products:​wizfi250:​wizfi250evbsch:​|EVB Schematic(Eagle CAD)}}
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