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WIZ550web Datasheet


This page provides information about the hardware of WIZ550web and its Baseboard as following:

  • Basic Hardware Specification
  • Operating Characteristics & I/O Characteristics
  • Reference Schematics
  • Dimension information

The revision history will be updated in this page in case of any changes of hardware specification or exterior design.

2014/10/28 13:16 · jeongsk

Hardware Specification


  • MCU : STM32F103RBT6
  • TCP/IP Controller : W5500
  • RJ45 (Integrated Transformer) : J1B1211CCD
  • External Flash Memory : AT45DB081D
  • 2.54mm Pin Header x 2

WIZ550web Pinout

Pin Description

As it is used in the EVB and for the web-server by default

Ref No. Pin No. Symbol Type Description
J1 1 D0 I/O Digital 0 I/O
2 D1 I/O Digital 1 I/O
3 D2 I/O Digital 2 I/O
4 D3 I/O Digital 3 I/O
5 D4 I/O Digital 4 I/O
6 D5 I/O Digital 5 I/O
7 D6 I/O Digital 6 I/O
8 D7 I/O Digital 7 I/O
9 D8 I/O Digital 8 I/O / Boot Pin
10 D9 I/O Digital 9 I/O
11 D10 I/O Digital 10 I/O
12 D11 I/O Digital 11 I/O
13 D12 I/O Digital 12 I/O
14 D13 I/O Digital 13 I/O
15 D14 I/O Digital 14 I/O
16 D15 I/O Digital 15 I/O
17 NRST I System Reset Input, Active Low
18 BOOT0 I BOOT0 Input, Active High
Ref No. Pin No. Symbol Type Description
J2 1 3V3D P Supply DC +3.3V , Digital Power
2 3V3D P Supply DC +3.3V , Digital Power
3 3V3A P Supply DC +3.3V , Analog Power
4 VBAT P Supply DC +3.3V , Low Power Mode
5 A0 I Analog 0 Input
6 A1 I Analog 1 Input
7 A2 I Analog 2 Input
8 A3 I Analog 3 Input
9 UART2_RX I Receiver input for UART2
10 UART2_TX O Transmitter output for UART2
11 UART2_RTS O Request To Send output for UART2
12 UART2_CTS I Clear To Send input for UART2
13 UART1_RX I Receiver input for UART1
14 UART1_TX O Transmitter output for UART1
15 UART1_RTS O Request To Send output for UART1
16 UART1_CTS I Clear To Send input for UART1
17 GND P Digital Power Ground
18 GND P Digital Power Ground
19 GNDA P Analog Power Ground

WIZ550web Baseboard

  • DC 9~24V Power Input
  • Digital Output 8EA (Relay - HR91C-05)
  • Digital Input 8EA (Photocouplers - TLP290-4)
  • Analog Input 4EA
  • RS-232C
  • RS-422

WIZ550web Baseboard Pinout

WIZ550web Baseboard Pinout

WIZ550web Baseboard Callout

WIZ550web Baseboard Callout

Digital Output Port

WIZ550web Baseboard has eight (D0-D7) relay output stage. Below is a photo of basic internal circuit. Jumper, relay NC (Normal close) and NO (Normal Open) can be set. WIZ550WEB Digital Output Port See the table below for State action.

Input value Relay status value NC output value NO output value
0 OFF Close Open
1 ON Open Close

Output port voltage and current characteristics, see the table below.

NO 5A 28VDC 10A 125VAC 5A 250VAC
NC 3A 28VAC 5A 125VDC 3A 250VDC

Digital Input Port

WIZ550web Baseboard has eight (D8 to D15) Photocoupler via a digital input columns. Below is a photo of basic internal circuit. There is no polarity input, and ON/OFF is distinguished from this potential difference between the two input signals.

WIZ550WEB Digital Input Port

See the table below for the electrical characteristics of the input.

Under 1.4V Low
Over 2.1V High
Max Voltage 24V
Potential difference No. There are two input signals On/Off by potential difference

Four (D8-D11) digital inputs are connected as shown in tact switch inside the Baseboard, and these connections have select Jumper J23-J26. WIZ550WEB Digital Input Jumper

Analog Input Port

WIZ550web Baseboard has four (A0-A3) analog input columns. Below is a photo of basic internal circuit. It is possible to simply enter 0 to 12V and has entered in the WIZ550WEB through the internal circuitry. WIZ550WEB Analog Input Port

Two of the Analog Input (A0, A1) have connected with a variable resistor (10K) and a temperature sensors (TC1047AVNB) in the Baseboard, this connection can opt to J26, J28 Jumper. WIZ550WEB Analog Input Jumper

2014/10/28 13:17 · jeongsk

AC/DC Characteristics


General Operating Conditions

Symbol Parameter Pins Min Typ Max Unit
VDD Standard operating voltage 3V3D 2 3.3 3.6 V
VDDA Analog operation voltage (ADC not used) 3V3A 2.0 3.3 3.6 V
Analog operation voltage (ADC used) 3V3A 2.4 3.3 3.6 V
VBAT Backup operating voltage VBAT 0.8 3.3 3.6 V
VIN I/O Digital input voltage D0~D15 0 - VDD+0.3 V
I/O Analog input voltage A0~A3 0 - VDD+0.3 V
BOOT0 BOOT0 0 - 5.5 V

I/O Static Characteristic

Symbol Parameter Pins Min Typ Max Unit
VIL Low level input voltage D0~D15 -0.5 - 0.7 V
VIH High level input voltage D0~D15 2.0 - VDD V
VIO Output current sunk by any I/O and control pin D0~D15 - - 25 mA
Output current source by any I/O and control pin D0~D15 - - -25 mA
VIL(NRST) NRST Input low level voltage NRST -0.5 - 0.8 V
VIH(NRST) NRST Input high level voltage NRST 2 - 3.3 V
2014/10/28 13:17 · jeongsk

Reference Schematic & Parts


Part Version Schematic
WIZ550web 1.0 wiz550web_v100_140925.pdf
1.1 wiz550web_v1.1_20151217.pdf
WIZ550web Baseboard 1.0 wiz550web-bb_v100_140925.pdf

Parts Datasheet

Parts Descripsion Datasheet
STM32F103RBT6 ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU Core STM32F103RBT6
W5500 WIZnet TCP/IP Chip W5500
AT45DB081D-SU 8-Megabit Serial Flash Memory AT45DB081D-SU
J1B1211CCD Transformer + RJ45 + LED, Industrial J1B1211CCD
HR91C-05 1 pole, 3-10A Relay, 1c(SPDT) HR91C-05
SP3485EN Low Power Half-Duplex RS-485 Transceivers SP3485EN
SP3232EBEY True +3.0V to +5.5V RS-232 Transceivers SP3232EBEY
TC1047AVNB Temperature to Voltage Sensor TC1047AVNB
LM358APWR Dual Operational Amplifiers LM358APWR
TLP290-4 4-Channel Transistor-Output Photocouplers TLP290-4
AOZ1210AI EZBuck 2A Simple Buck Regulator AOZ1210AI
2014/10/28 13:17 · jeongsk



74.4mm(W) x 30mm(L) x 24mm(H) (±0.5) WIZ550WEB Dimension

WIZ550web Baseboard

145mm(W) x 85mm(L) x 28mm(H) (±0.5) WIZ550WEB Baseboard Dimension

2014/10/28 13:18 · jeongsk
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