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WIZ550web H/W Rev1.0 Download

Download Firmware

Binary Images

WIZ550web Firmware Binary (Direct download)

H/W Rev 1.0 / bin 1.1.1
WIZ550web H/W Rev1.0 / F/W bin v1.1.1 (zip)
(Sep. 2015)

Source code (with web pages)

WIZ550web GitHub Repository Rev1.0 (Link)

WIZ550web Latest Firmware Source code (Direct download)
WIZ550web firmware source code v1.1.1 (zip)
(Sep. 2015)

Download Configuration Tool

Program (Java based)

WIZnet Configuration Tool (Direct download)

WIZnet Configuration tool v1.02 (zip)

How to program WIZ550web code flash memory

1. WIZ550web enter the ISP mode

Press the 'Boot' push button switch on baseboard (or BOOT pin) until turn on the board after reset or power supply

2. Run the 'Flash Loader Demonstrator' Program

Refer to Flash Loader Demonstrator

3. Flash program and Run the new application firmware

Please make sure a start address setting when you download a firmware into target.

  1. You must download a bootloader from 0x8000000 at least once.
  2. You must use 0x8006000 for an application firmware.

Flash Loader Demo Picture

  • Main page

  • Boot Upload

  • App Upload

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