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W7500(P) which WIZ750xx S2E firmware is programmed on


The W7500(P)-S2E is a chip product that has the firmware programmed in the WIZnet W7500 / W7500P MCU. This product includes the latest 'WIZ750SR serial to Ethernet module' firmware for widely used in various applications around the world

WIZnet S2E Solution

  • WIZnet 'Serial to Ethernet' product is a protocol converter that transmits data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data and converts the TCP/IP data received through the network back into serial data to the serial equipment.
  • With this product, it is possible to easily add an Ethernet networking function to a device supporting UART interface, the devices can be controlled via an Ethernet network - Internet.

We also provide Customization Services such as change / add functions by customer request.

W7500 / W7500P MCU

ARM® Cortex™-M0 based microcontroller

  • Up to 48MHz / 128KB Flash / 16KB RAM
  • 3-UART, 2-SPI, 8-ADC, Timer/PWM, 53-GPIOs, SWD
  • 64 TQFP Package (7x7mm)

Hardwired TCP/IP core integrated

  • Hardwired TCP/IP stack + IEEE 802.3 Ethernet MAC
  • 8-channel hardware sockets with 32KB buffers(SRAM)
  • Supports the TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE

< W7500>
MII supported for PHY interface

< W7500P >
10/100 Ethernet PHY integrated


The following key features are included with the W7500(P)-S2E product.

  • The firmware of the WIZ750SR Series, which is a verified serial to Ethernet module in the field
    • Easy to add Ethernet networking function through UART interface of any device / MCU
    • Support TTL, RS-232C and RS-422/485 serial communication
    • Configurable via Ethernet / Serial interface
  • Unique MAC Address (WIZnet OUI)
  • WIZnet S2E configuration tool
    • Product search, configuration, and firmware update via Ethernet network
  • WIZVSP program
    • WIZnet Virtual Serial Port program for Windows OS
  • Hardware Design Guide & References


  • The following product resources are from WIZ750SR which provides the same function as W7500(P)-S2E chip firmware.

Customization Services

Grow with WIZnet, Attract New Clients

WIZnet은 고객 목적에 맞춘 Custom services를 제공합니다.

W7500(P)-S2E 제품을 기반으로 제품 초기 설정 및 MAC 주소 변경, 다양한 프로토콜 추가 탑재 및 기능 확장에 대한 서비스를 제공하며, 완성된 펌웨어는 W7500 / W7500P MCU에 프로그램되어 요청 고객에게 제공됩니다.

또한 고객의 빠른 제품 Design-Win을 위해, 다양한 Hardware references를 포함한 Technical support를 제공합니다.

What We Offer

기능 확장 / 추가

Network Protocols

  • HTTP Server / Client
  • MQTT Client
  • SNMPv1
  • NTP
  • FTP Server / Client
  • TFTP

Custom Functions

  • Protocol Converter
  • Ethernet I/O
    • I/O Control
    • I/O Monitoring
    • Event trigger

옵션 변경

  • 공장 초기값 변경
  • MAC 주소 변경

* Custom services에서 제공 가능한 응용 프로토콜 및 확장 기능은 지속적으로 업데이트 됩니다.

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