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Interrupt and Events


W7500 contains interrupt service and event service as below

  • 25 interrupt request (IRQ) lines
  • One NonMaskable Interrupt(NMI)
  • One event signal

Interrupt assignments

IRQ/NMI Device Description Address
NMI Watchdog timer Watchdog timer interrupt 0x0000_0008
IRQ[0] SSP0 SSP0 global interrupt 0x0000_0040
IRQ[1] SSP1 SSP1 global interrupt 0x0000_0044
IRQ[2] UART0 UART0 global interrupt 0x0000_0048
IRQ[3] UART1 UART1 global interrupt 0x0000_004C
IRQ[4] UART2 UART2 global interrupt 0x0000_0050
IRQ[7] GPIO0 GPIO0 global interrupt 0x0000_005c
IRQ[8] GPIO1 GPIO1 global interrupt 0x0000_0060
IRQ[9] GPIO2 GPIO2 global interrupt 0x0000_0064
IRQ[10] GPIO3 GPIO3 global interrupt 0x0000_0068
IRQ[11] DMA DMA channel 1 ~ channel 5 interrupt 0x0000_006C
IRQ[12] Dualtimer0 Dualtimer0 global interrupt 0x0000_0070
IRQ[13] Dualtimer1 Dualtimer1 global interrupt 0x0000_0074
IRQ[14] PWM0 PWM0 global interrupt 0x0000_0078
IRQ[15] PWM1 PWM1 global interrupt 0x0000_007C
IRQ[16] PWM2 PWM2 global interrupt 0x0000_0080
IRQ[17] PWM3 PWM3 global interrupt 0x0000_0084
IRQ[18] PWM4 PWM4 global interrupt 0x0000_0088
IRQ[19] PWM5 PWM5 global interrupt 0x0000_008C
IRQ[20] PWM6 PWM6 global interrupt 0x0000_0090
IRQ[21] PWM7 PWM7 global interrupt 0x0000_0094
IRQ[22] Reserved 0x0000_0098
IRQ[23] ADC ADC acquisition end interrupt 0x0000_009C
IRQ[24] TCPIP TCPIP global interrupt 0x0000_00A0
IRQ[25] EXT_INT External pin interrupt 0x0000_00A4
IRQ[26] Reserved 0x0000_00A8
IRQ[27] Reserved 0x0000_00AC
IRQ[28] Reserved 0x0000_00B0
IRQ[29] Reserved 0x0000_00B4
IRQ[30] Reserved 0x0000_00B8
IRQ[31] Reserved 0x0000_00BC


W7500 is able to handle internal events in order to wake up the core(WFE). The wakeup event can be generated by

  • When DMA process finished
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