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How to use the makefile with windows7


  • author : IOP Team
  • version : V1.0.0
  • date : 1-May-2015
  • brief : Description use a makefile with windows7.
  • develop environment : Windows 7 32/64bits
  • arm-gcc version : gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q1-20150306-win32

Step1 gunwin32 Installation

※ For reference, gunwin32 operate both windows7 32bit and 64bit

1.Enter a gnuwin32 in web search engine or visit the gnuwin32

2.Click the packages in left category. gnuwin32

3.Find the Make file using scroll and click, Click the Setup program in Download. gnuwin32

4.When download time left as '0', you get the setup file. gnuwin32

5.Finish the setup,copy the program setup path(you reach until make.exe)


6.In my case,the setup path is C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin


7.Computer > click the right of mouse > properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System variables > Edit> ** variable value** Copy and Paste.


Step2 arm gcc Installation

1.You can download the setup file from the "" (main post of 2015.04.16)

armgcc 2.Download the gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q1-20150306-win32.exe because I use the Windows7 32bit.

3.After choice the Language selection, click the 'OK'


4.The installation path setup and click the 'NEXT', click the 'NEXT' again.


5.Finally,Check the box "Add path to environment variale" and click the 'Finish' (If you check the box, It will automatically set the environment variable.)


6.The command window will be opened,you can know the arm gcc setup path it.


7.Confirm the version of arm gcc using the command of below.

arm-none-eabi-gcc --version


Step3 execute the makefile

1.You set the path, you want to compile gcc compile. and enter the make



2.You can see the compile as below. make

3.If success, the files will create. The path of make file is a place the makefile.


When compile error occur

 If you can't compile or you don't create the files,you directly set the environment variable

Computer > click the right of mouse > properties > Advanced > Environment Variables > System variables > Edit> variable value Copy and Paste.

Copy path is c:\Program Files\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\4.9 2015q1\bin : setup path


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