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Migration from W5200 to W5500

This page explains migration materials to W5200 users.

Driver for W5200 Users

W5500 vs W5200 Chip in Comparison

Process 0.13um 0.18um
Package 48 LQFP (7*7 mm^2) 48 QFN (7*7 mm^2)
IO Voltage / Core Voltage 3.3V / 1.2V 3.3V / 1.8V
Number of sockets 8 ea 8 ea
SPI Frame ADD1|ADD2|Control|Data0|Data1… ADD1|ADD0|OP+LEN1|LEN0|Data…
8bit |8bit |8bit |8bit | 8bit 8bit |8bit |1bit +7bit |8bit | 8bit
Control 1 byte (Block selection, Read/Write selection, SPI mode selection) OP Code 1 bit (Read/Write Selection)
No Data Length field Data Length 15bit
Memory Access TX Memory and RX Memory can be used for general data memory. TX Memory can be used for general data memory.
MCU Bus Interface SPI SPI / 8bit parallel indirect bus mode
Regulator Related Circuit LDO output pin needs the capacitor. No need to supply the chip power (1.2V). LDO output voltage (1.8V) must be applied to the chip power (1.8V) at the outer side of the chip package.
PHY Power Down Setting PHY's power down mode can be set by configuring PHY Register. PHY's power down mode can be set by external pin.
WOL Function WOL over UDP Support WOL over Ethernet Support
PHY Mode Setting PHY mode can be set by Firmware
Status LED 4 LEDs (SPD / DUP / ACT / Link) 3 LEDs (SPD / DUP / Link)
PHY Auto MDIX Function No Support Support
Operating Current @100Mbps Full Link Typical 132mA Typical 160mA
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