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IPRAW is the type of data communication that uses IP layer, which is the lower protocol layer of UDP and TCP.

W5500 is embedded a Hardwired TCP/IP that is structured from Link layer to Transport later, excluding the Application Layer in OSI 4 layers.
The W5500 supports IPRAW mode for data processing in IP layer protocols like ICMP (0x01) and IGMP (0x02) according to the protocol number. But if user needs, the host can directly process the IPRAW by opening the SOCKET n to IPRAW. This application note described ICMP, one of the IP Layer’s protocol, and how it is used as a simple Ping application.

Development Environment

  • MCU : STM32F103C8
  • Used program:
    • CoIDE V1.7.4
    • Flash Loader Demonstrator
    • Terminal v1.9b
    • WireShark V1.10.3

Application note & Source code

APPlication note

APPlication Source Code

Version Date Download Etc
1.0.0 2014-02-21 Initial Version
1.1.0 2015-05-10 Modify - Use all socket

Reference Video(Test Result)

2014/02/21 13:09 · ekkim

For more information W5500 chip please also refer to the chip's datasheet:


Datasheet History
Version Date Description
1.0.0 2013-08-01 Initial Release
1.0.1 2013-09-13 Corrected duplicated statements and typing errors (P.14, 23, 24, 28, 39, 51) Corrected descriptions (P.35)
1.0.2 2013-11-14 Changed “descriptions of pin at 1.1 Pin Descriptions” (P.10) starting ”It must be tied to GND to NC (PIN38..42)” / 2. corrected typing error: starting “0x02 to 0x42 value of SOCK_MACRAW at 4.2 Socket Registers(P.50)”
1.0.3 2014-05-29 Corrected “Sn_MSSR at 4.2 Socket Register” (P.53): wrong descriptions of Sn_MSSR about FMTU/MTU
1.0.4 2014-06-13 1. Added Note about reading size register value (P.56, 58) / 2. Added IR Reflow Temperature Profile (P.66)
1.0.5 2014-11-11 1. Added description for MISO pin (P.11):The SCSn signal defines MISO pin output value / 2. Modified the register notation (P.33), Modified the register notation “Sn_IR at 4.2 Socket Register” (P.49) :from [R] to [RCW1] / 3. Corrected typing error: from DICON to DISCON of Sn_SR at 4.2 Socket Register (P.50)
1.0.6 2014-12-30 Corrected typing error : from 0x02 to 0x42 value of SOCK_MACRAW “Sn_CR at 4.2 Socket Registers”(P.46)
1.0.7 2016-02-24 1. Corrected Interrupt Assert Wait Time function (P.34) / 2. Notice PLLclk is 150MHz (P.34)
1.0.8 2017-05-19 1. Corrected Driver Level Range Unit uW/MHz to uW (P.60)
1.0.9 2019-05-22 1. Corrected Sn_IMR Description (P.55) 2. Corrected Junction temperature Min value TJ (P.57) 3. Added Maximum junction temperature TJMAX (P.58)

WIZ550io History
Version Date Description
1.0 2013-08-01 Initial Release
1.1 2014-01-17 Changed “External Transformer + RJ-45 to MAGJACK(inside transformer)”
1.2 2015-04-20 Added “Resistor 33R in MDI line. because EMI issue.”
Changed “PCB artwork. because changed develop tool(PADS → Altium) ”
1.3 2018-08-10 Modified “inner 2 layer copper foil (3V3D). This copper foil plated below of CHAND area. It may affect ESD.”

2013/08/30 10:01 · bongbong
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