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IPRAW Mode can handle Internet Protocol(IPv4) Layer Communication by supporting variable Internet Protocol such as ICMP(0x01),IGMP(0x02),IPinIP(0x04) and etc. PING Message is one type of ICMP Messages and W5100S supports PING Message by Hardware and SOCKET-less Command. But also, IPRAW Mode supports PING Message and the other types of ICMP Messages by HOST Process.

Development Environment

  • MCU :
  • Used program:

Application note

Revision history

Version Date Download
1.0.0 2018-04-01 W5100S_AN_IPRAW_V110K.pdf

Reference Code

Version Date Download Etc
1.0.0 2018-05-25 Initial Version

For more information W5100S chip please also refer to the chip's datasheet:

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