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How to use W5500 with CoOS(RTOS).

Example of How to use W5500 with CoOS(RTOS)

Development Environment

  • BOARD: WIZ550web(Wiznet Product)

New Project

  • Create new project.(Project → New Project)
  • Input project name and click next button.
  • Select chip button and click next button.
  • Select chip.
    • ST→STM32F103x→STM32F103RB and click Finish button.
    • Or Input “stm32f103rb” to text box and select STM32F103RB and click Finish button.
  • Select Basic Component(Repository tap)
    • COMMON component: Click “CMSIS core” check box.
    • BOOT component: Click “CMSIS_Boot” check box.
    • Peripheral: Click “RCC”, “GPIO”, “SPI” check box.
    • RTOS: Click “CooCOX OS” check box.

Wiznet ioLibrary import

  1. Download ioLibrary from Wiznet GitHub
  2. Extract file.
  3. Drag and drop the extracted folder to project name in project navigator.


  • MCU initialize
    1. RCC initialization
    2. GPIO initilization
    3. SPI initialization
    4. USART initilization
  • W5500 initialze
    1. CS(chip select) registration
    2. SPI function registration
    3. Critical section registration


CoOS Start.

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