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Random number generator(RNG)


RNG is a 32bit random number generator. RNG generates power on random number when power on reset. RNG can run/stop by software. RNG seed value and polynomial of RNG can be modified by software.


  • 32bit pseudo random number generator
  • Formula of pseudo random number generator (polynomial) can be modified.
  • Seed value of random generator can be modified.
  • Support power on reset random value
  • Random value can be obtained by control start/stop by software.

Functional description.

The below Figure shows the RNG block diagram.


A random number is automatically generated after powering on reset, Follow the procedure below to manually generate a random number.

  1. Change MODE to start/stop by register.
  2. Change clock source / seed value / polynomial value if need.
  3. Run and Stop the RNG.
  4. Read Random value.

The below Figure show the flowchart of RNG operation.


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