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Pad Controller(PADCON)


Pads of W7500 are controllable. User can control pad’s characteristic.


  • W7500 have digital I/O pads and digital/analog mux I/O pads
  • Controllable characteristics of pad are pull-up, pull-down, driving strength, input enable and CMOS/Schmitt trigger input buffer
  • Each pad can be control individually by register.

Functional description

The below Figure shows the function schematic of digital I/O pad of W7500.

The below Figure shows the function schematic of digital/analog mux IO pad of W7500

Initials of Pad diagram is same as below.

YA – Analog Input (connect to ADC input)
Y – Digital Input
IE – Input buffer enable

Condition A Y P
Input buffer enable
(IE =1)
Output mode OUT OUT OUT
Input mode No use IN IN
Input buffer enable
(IE = 0)
Output mode OUT Low(0) OUT
Input mode No use IN IN

CS – CMOS/Schmitt trigger input buffer select
PU – Pull-up enable
A – Digital Output
DS – Driving strength select

Condition Rise/Fall Time(nSec) Propagation Delay(nSec)
Driving Strength Capacitance loading Min Max Min Max
(DS = 1)
25pF 4 18 7 27
100pF 11 53 11 44
(DS = 0)
25pF 1 8 4 16
100pF 4 23 7

PD – Pull-down enable

User can set pad condition with IE, CS, PU/PD, DS by register.
And pads are can be controlled individually.

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