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The DataSheet provides the ordering information and mechanical device characteristics of the W7500/W7500P microcontrollers.
The Reference Manual provides the register map of peripherals and brief description.
The PHY Reference provides the How to Access W7500x PHY Register and description of W7500P Internal PHY.
The Errata Sheet describes error Phenomenon and solution .
The Getting Started user's guide describes the installation of MDK,How to make KEIL new project for W7500, How to use MDK for W7500 Peripherals Examples, How to use GCC for W7500 Peripherals Examples and How to use ISP tool from starting a project to using the ISP tool.

Version Date Decription
V 1.1.0 20DEC2019 Fixed 3.17 UART speed to 460.8 Kbit/s from 3 Mbit/s.

Old Datasheet History

Version Date Decription
V 1.1.2 17OCT2018 Edit Power supply description

Old Reference Manual History

How to Access W7500x PHY Register

Version Date Decription
V1.0.0 7AUG2018 Initial Release

W7500P Internal PHY Datasheet

Version Date Decription
V1.0.0 7AUG2018 Initial Release

Version Date Decription
V1.2.0 13MAR2019Erratum 3 – IAP Function Call Failure
Erratum 4 – Two Image Banks Failure
Erratum 5 – Cold Booting Failure

Old Errata Sheet Histroy

Limitation Note ARP problem in the NLB environment

Version Date Decription
V 1.0 12MAR18 Initial Document

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