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How to connect ioShield-L with LaunchPad

AS noticed before, ioShield-L consists of WIZ550io and an interface board to MSP430 LaunchPad. Therefore to connect ioShield-L with LaunchPad is required. All pins to be connected between ioShield-L and LaunchPad are VCC, GND, nRESET and four SPI related pins.

Pin Map

Pin No. I/O Pin Name Description
J1.1 P VCC Power: 3.3V Power Supply
J2.20 P GND Ground
J1.7 O P1.5 SPI Chip Select
J1.8 O P2.0 SPI Clock
J2.14 I P1.6 SPI Master In Slave Out
J2.15 O P1.7 SPI Master Out Slave In

ioShield-L is designed to plug in to the corresponding pins of MSP430 LaunchPad, and normally users don't need to care its pin map.

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