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Start Serial to Wi-Fi

This chapter explains how to set WizFi250 in order to exchange data with peer system. This picture shows the environment for using Serial to Wi-Fi as example. In this example, WizFi250 is set to the TCP server and peer system is set to the TCP client. And then data is exchanged between WizFi250 and the peer system.

Using Function Button & Web Server Interface

This section explains how to set WizFi250 using web server in order to use serial to Wi-Fi application. (If you Use the function button, you can launch web server easily.)
Procedure for setting serial to Wi-Fi is explained below.

  • 1. Press the “Function Button” one time in order to run AP mode and launch the web server. If WizFi250 is changed to AP mode successfully, Wi-Fi LED will be on and you can see WizFi250’s SSID by your PC
Default information of WizFi250 AP Mode
Security WPA2 Mixed
Security Key 123456789
IP Address
Gateway Address

LED results of WIZFI250:

  • 2. Connect to WizFi250’s SSID …by inputting default password (123456789) and WizFi250’s IP address or URL (wizfi250.wiznet.com) in your web browser. After that input the user id and user password. ( Default ID : admin, Default Password : admin )

  • 3. If you select “S2W Setting & Scan Network” menu, …the web page will be shown as below.
    If WizFi250 is set successfully, it shows the success message … as in the following picture on the right.
    If you select <Next_Step> button, you can move to next page.
WizFi250 TCP/IP Settings guide
Modes AP or Station (connect to AP)
Protocol TCP/UDP (Server / Client)
Remote IP Connecting device's IP address
Remote Port Connecting device's Port
Local Port Module's Port
  • 4. Select WizFi250's DHCP Mode.
    It includes DHCP or stactic IP setting.

  • 5. Firstly, input the password of …the AP you want to join and click “Join“ button to connect to that AP.

    After setting up, you will see “Device Started Web server and access point stopped. See UART for further information.” message in web browser. It means that WizFi250 will try to connect to the selected AP.

    Important note: If you input the wrong password of AP, you need to redo all procedures.

  • 6. WizFi250 will be associated … to the AP you select… and you can use TCP server in WizFi250.
    This picture is the serial message when WizFi250 has set successfully.

Using Serial Command

This section explains how to connect to AP by using serial command.
The module start by default in command mode. If the user inputs the AT commands below, WizFi250 will be connected to AP by DHCP and run as TCP server.
In this example, the settings of AP will be created as below:
( SSID : WizFiDemoAP, Security : WPA2, Key : 12345678 )

AT                     (Sent AT command with 0x0d (Hex of Enter button))
[OK]                          (response meaning successful execution)

AT+WSET=0,WizFiDemoAP     (AT command for setting WiFi association)

AT+WSEC=0,,12345678       (AT command for setting WiFi security)

AT+WNET=1 (AT command for setting DHCP)

AT+WJOIN                      (AT command executing AP association)
Joining : WizFiDemoAP
Successfully joined : WizFiDemoAP

[Link-Up Event]
 IP Addr    :
 Gateway   :

AT+SCON=SO,TSN, , ,5000,1      (AT command for setting TCP Server)

[CONNECT 0]       (When TCP connection is done, it shows this message)

Now, the green mode LED is on, and data can be exchanged from Serial I/F to connected client and back. This mode is called data mode.
To exit this data mode or to enter into command mode again you need to send a single '+++' string without CR or LF (0x0D, 0x0A) - just the three 0x2B = '+' characters.

Exchanging data with a peer system

This section explains how to exchange data between WizFi250 and Peer System.
This example describes the structure of data flow.

After TCP connection is done and if WizFi250 receives serial data, the serial data will be sent to peer system immediately and Wizfi250 can receive data from peer system.

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