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WizFi250 Evaluation Board

The WizFi250 EVB is the evaluation board for testing WizFi250 and prototyping development. WizFi250 EVB is composed of a WizFi250 evaluation board and a WizFi250 module.

Feature Identification

Button Description

WizFi250 Reset Through this button, user can restart WizFi250 module.
Function Through the function button, user can enter specific mode without AT Command.
♦ Factory Recovery : When doing Boot or Reset, press the button over 3.5 seconds
♦ AP Mode : When module is working, press it once.
♦ OTA Mode : When module is working, press it twice.
♦ Factory Default : When module is working, press it three times.
Arduino Board Reset With this button, user can restart Arduino board.

LED Description

UART RX/TX Indicate UART RX/TX Status
Power LED Indicate Power On/Off of WizFi250
Mode LED Indicate Data/Command Mode
♦ LOW(ON) : Data Mode
♦ HIGH(OFF) : Command Mode
Wi-Fi LED Indicate Wi-Fi Association
♦ LOW(ON) : Wi-Fi is associated
♦ HIGH(OFF) : Wi-Fi is not associated

Pin Description

BOOT Enter boot mode
♦ SHORT : Start in boot mode
♦ OPEN : Start in application mode
5V Power Alternative choice for 5V power supply
GPIO Pin Through this pin, user can use GPIO signal

Interface Description

UART1 Interface Alternative choice for Serial interface.
SPI Interface Through these pins, user can control SPI interface.
USB Interface This provides power supply & Serial interface
Default serial information:
♦ Baud rate : 115200
♦ Data rate : 8
♦ Stop bits : 1
♦ Parity : None
♦ Flow control : None

Interface Board PIN Map

Interface Board Dimension

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