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WIZ550SR Datasheet


This page provides information about the hardware description of WIZ550SR as following:

  • Hardware Specification
  • Electrical Characteristics
  • Schematic
  • Dimension

The revision history will be updated in this page in case of any changes of hardware specification or exterior design.

Hardware Specification


  • Very small size Serial to Ethernet Module.
  • WIZnet TCP/IP Chip W5500.
  • STM32F103RCT6.
  • Not include a transformer and RJ45.
  • 2.00mm Pitch Pin Header Type, 1×11.
  • Support the MDI(Medium Dependent Interface).
    • TXN, TXP, RXN, RXP
  • Support the UART interface.
    • RXD, TXD, RTS, CTS, DSR(Option), DTR(Option)
    • Support the RS-232C Interface.
    • Will be soppoted the RS-422/485 Interface.
  • Support the Debug UART.
  • Support the PHY Status Output.
    • Active LED, Link LED
  • Support the STATUS output.
    • LOW : TCP Connect.
    • HIGH : TCP Diconnect.
  • System Pins.
    • RESET : System Reset, Active Low.
    • BOOT0 : MCU BOOT mode operation, Active High.
    • H/W TRIG : App BOOT mode operation, Active Low.
  • Support the Indicator LED.
    • Power LED(LD3).
    • LED 0(LD1) :
    • LED 1(LD2) :
  • Support the Pin Header Hole for Firmware upload.
    • 2.54mm Pitch, Not Mount.
  • Support the Pin Header Hole for SWD.
    • 1.27mm Pitch, Not Mount.
  • Include eeprom for data storage.
  • Operation Temperature : -40℃ ~ 85℃
  • Size : 22mm x 24mm x 13mm

WIZ550SR Pin Out

 WIZ550SR Pin Out
 WIZ550SR Pin Out

WIZ550SR Pin Description

Ref No. Pin No. Symbol Type Description
J1 1 3.3V P +3.3V Input Power
2 3.3V_OUT P +3.3V Output Power.
This pin is connected to the TX resistor of MDI signal and Center TAP of RJ45.
3 TXN O MDI Signal. TX Positive.
4 TXP O MDI Signal. TX Negative.
5 GND P Ground.
6 RXN I MDI Signal. RX Negative.
7 RXP I MDI Signal. RX Positive.
8 GND P Ground.
11 GND P Ground.
Ref No. Pin No. Symbol Type Description
J2 1 RXD I Data UART. Recieve Pin.
2 TXD O Data UART. Transmit Pin.
3 RTS O Data UART. Request to Send Pin.
4 CTS I Data UART. Clear to Send Pin.
5 DEBUG_RX I Debug UART. Recieve Pin.
6 DEBUG_TX O Debug UART. Transmit Pin.
7 GND P Ground.
8 BOOT0 I MCU Boot. Active High
9 nRST I Reset. Active Low
10 STATUS O Status Output.
High : Disconnect.
Low : Connect.
11 nH/W TRIG I App Boot.
Hardware TRIG Input. Active Low

WIZ550SR Block Diagram

 WIZ550SR Block Diagram



  • WIZ550SR Developer Board.
  • USB to UART chip, FT2232D.
  • RJ45 with Transformer, RB1-1D5B8K1A.
  • RESET Tact SW.
  • BOOT0 Tact SW.
  • H/W Trig Tact SW.
  • LED Indicators.
  • Micro USB.

WIZ550SR EVB Call Out

 WIZ550SR EVB Call Out

WIZ550SR EVB Block Diagram

 WIZ550SR Block Diagram

Electrical Characteristics

Operating conditions at power-up / power-down

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit
TVDD VDD rise time rate - 0 - us/V
VDD fall time rate 20 -

DC Characteristics

Symbol Parameter Pins Min Typ Max Unit
VDD Supply voltage 3.3V 2.97 3.3 3.6 V
VIL High level input voltage ALL 1.833 3.6 V
VIH Low level input voltage ALL -0.3 1.166 V
VOL Low level output voltage ALL 0.4 V
VOH High level output voltage ALL 3.0 V
LOL Low level input Current
Sink Current
ALL -25 mA
LOH High level output Current
Source Current
ALL 25 mA
IDD Supply Current
(Normal operation mode)
3.3V TBD mA

nRST pin Characterisrics

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit
VIL(nRST) NRST Input low level voltage - -0.5 - 0.8 V
VIH(nRST) NRST Input high level voltage - -2 - 3.8V V
Vhys(nRST) NRST Schmitt trigger voltage hysteresis - - 200 - mV
RPU Weak pull-up equivalent resistor - 30 40 50
VF(nRST) NRST Input filtered pulse - - - 100 ns
VNF(nRST) NRST Input not filtered pulse - 300 - - ns

Power Dissipation

Condition Min Typ Max Unit
100M Link - 180 - mA
10M Link - TBD - mA
Un-Link (Auto-negotiation mode) - TBD - mA
100M Transmitting - TBD - mA
10M Transmitting - TBD - mA
Power Down mode - TBD - mA

Schematics & BOM

Ref. Schematic

 WIZ550SR Ref Schematic

WIZ550SR Schematic


WIZ550SR EVB Schematic



  • WIZ550SR V1.0 3D PDF : Download
  • This PDF must be run using the 'Adobe Acrobat'.

 WIZ550SR Dimension

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