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====== WIZ550S2E ======WIZ550S2E

WIZ550S2E is a gateway module that converts RS-232 protocol into TCP/IP protocol. This module enables remote gauging, remote management of the device through the network based on the Ethernet and the TCP/IP by connecting to existing equipment with RS-232 serial interface. In other words, WIZ550S2E is a protocol converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data type or vice versa.

![WIZ550S2E]( “WIZ550S2E”)

## Features - Plug & Play Type Serial to Ethernet Gateway module - Adds Network Function Simply and Quickly - Provides Firmware Customization - 1 port serial to Ethernet - supports RS-232 by interface board - supports RS-422/485 by interface board - Supports TCP & UDP communication - Supports DHCP, DNS - Easy configuration - Configuration Tool & Serial Command - 10/100 Ethernet & Max.230,400bps Serial Interface


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