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Power supply


W7500P embeds a voltage regulator in order to supply the internal 1.5V digital power domain.

  • Require a 2.7V ~ 5.5V operating supply voltage (VDD)
  • ADC ref voltage is same as VDD

Voltage regulator

The voltage regulator is always enabled after Reset and works on in only one mode.

  • In Run mode, the regulator supplies full power to the 1.5V domain.
  • There is no power down or sleep mode.

Operating conditions at power-up time

The power-up time reference voltage is 2.7V.

Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Max Unit
TVDD VDD rise time 0 20 ms

Low power modes

W7500P is in RUN mode after a system or power reset. There are two low power modes to save power when the CPU does not need to be kept running. These modes are useful for instances like when the CPU is waiting for an external interrupt. Please note that there is no power-off mode for W7500P.

The device features two low power modes:

  • Sleep mode
  • Deep Sleep mode

Additionally, the power consumption can be reducing by following method:

  • User can slow down the system clocks
  • User can block the clocks to the peripherals while they are unused.

Sleep mode vs. Deep sleep mode

W7500P has two kinds of sleep modes. One is Sleep mode and the other is Deep sleep mode. Two of them are almost the same except the clock gated peripherals kinds.

Mode Entry Wakeup Effect-on-clocks
Sleep mode DEEPSLEEP = 0
Enable WFI
Any interrupt CPU Clock OFF
APB Bus Clock ON
AHB Bus Clock ON
Memory Clock ON
Enable WFE
Wakeup event
Deep Sleep mode DEEPSLEEP = 1
Enable WFI
Any interrupt CPU Clock OFF
APB Bus Clock OFF
AHB Bus Clock OFF
Memory Clock OFF
Enable WFE
Wakeup event

Peripheral clock gating

In Run mode, individual clocks can be stopped at any time to reduce power. Peripheral clock gating is controlled by the CRG block. Below is the list of clocks which can be gating in CRG block.

  • ADC clock (ADCCLK)
  • SSP0, SSP1 clock (SSPCLK)
  • UART0, UART1 clock (UARTCLK)
  • Two Timer clocks (TIMCLK0, TIMCLK1)
  • 8 PWM clocks (PWMCLK0 ~ PWMCLK7)
  • WDOG clock (WDOGCLK)
  • Random number generator clock (RNGCLK)
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