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How to use Peripheral example with Keil project


This application note guides user to use peripheral example with Keil uVision compiler. The peripheral of TCP/IP core Offload Engine(TOE) is used.

This document use Keil uVision MDK-Lite version: and WIZwiki-W7500 platform.

Download W7500 library and example

You can download the library and example zip file at [link]. Download and abstract the file then you can see some folder.

Directory structure

The W7500 provides the CMSIS, driver and peripheral example. The W7500 standard peripheral library provides a rich set of examples covering the main features of each peripheral.

Example of WZTOE directory

In WZTOE folder, directory structure is like as follows.

DHCPClient, DNSClient and LoopbackTest are example project and ioLibrary contains library of socket APIs, DHCP APIs, DNS APIs and etc.

In LoopbackTest folder, directory structure is like as follows.

The main.c file is main body of the project.

The retarget.c file is for using printf function for debug.

The W7500x_conf.h file contains all peripheral headers. If you want to enable/disable peripheral header file, uncomment/comment the line.

The W7500x_it.c file contains interrupt handler functions for own project.

The file contains the example description, hardware and software environment and description of how to use.

The MDK folder is for Keil IDE compiler and the GCC folder is for GCC compiler.

Open Keil project

In MDK directory has one file: Keil project file. Double click the file. Then Keil uVision will be opened.

You can see upper image at left side on your uVision. In W7500x_Periph group contains peripheral drivers using this project. The User group contains main function.


Click the build icon on menu bar or 'F7'. Then compile will be done. After compile, W7500x_WZTOE_Loopback.bin file is generated in Obj folder.

Download code

WIZwiki-W7500 board supports CMSIS-DAP, so you can drag & drop the code file to download.

Connect to WIZwiki-W7500 and loopback test

Now, WIZwiki-W7500 is running TCP server: IP -, PORT - 5000. Type IP address and Port number(This application note use TCP client program as Hercules). And then click 'Connect' button.

After connection, send some string and you can see return string same as you send.

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