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Download W7500 library and example

You can download the library and example zip file at [link]. Download and abstract the file then you can see some folder.

Directory structure

The W7500 provides the CMSIS, driver and peripheral example. The W7500 standard peripheral library provides a rich set of examples covering the main features of each peripheral.

Example of WZTOE directory

In WZTOE folder, directory structure is like as follows.

DHCPClient, DNSClient and LoopbackTest are example project and ioLibrary contains library of socket APIs, DHCP APIs, DNS APIs and etc.

In LoopbackTest folder, directory structure is like as follows.

The main.c file is main body of the project. The retarget.c file is for using printf function for debug. The W7500x_conf.h file contains all peripheral headers. If you want to enable/disable peripheral header file, uncomment/comment the line. The W7500x_it.c file contains interrupt handler functions for own project.

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