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Line 12: Line 12:
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-==== W5500 vs W5200 Chip Comparison ====+==== W5500 vs W5200 Chip in Comparison ====
 <​markdown>​ <​markdown>​
 <table border="​0"​ cellspacing="​0"​ cellpadding="​0"​ > <table border="​0"​ cellspacing="​0"​ cellpadding="​0"​ >
Line 60: Line 60:
 <tr> <tr>
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​Memory Access</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​Memory Access</​td>​
-<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​TX Memory and RX Memory can be accessible as general data memory.</​td>​ +<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​TX Memory and RX Memory can be used for general data memory.</​td>​ 
-<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​TX Memory can be accessible as general data memory.</​td>​+<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​TX Memory can be used for general data memory.</​td>​
 </tr> </tr>
 <tr> <tr>
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​MCU Bus Interface</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​MCU Bus Interface</​td>​
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI</​td>​
-<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI / Indirect ​bus mode</​td>​+<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI / 8bit parallel indirect ​bus mode</​td>​
 </tr> </tr>
Line 101: Line 101:
 <tr> <tr>
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​PHY Auto MDIX Function</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​PHY Auto MDIX Function</​td>​
-<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​Not Support</​td>​+<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​No Support</​td>​
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​Support</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​Support</​td>​
 </tr> </tr>
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