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joachim added "8bit parallel" to the W5200 bus I/F
Line 66: Line 66:
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​MCU Bus Interface</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​MCU Bus Interface</​td>​
 <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI</​td>​ <td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI</​td>​
-<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI / Indirect ​bus mode</​td>​+<td width="​356"​ valign="​top">​SPI / 8bit parallel indirect ​bus mode</​td>​
 </tr> </tr>
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