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About us

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mission_img021WIZnet is a leading Add-on Internet Connectivity Provider for small devices in Ethernet and WiFi markets.

We are currently focused on working with and supporting Open Hardware Platforms like Arduino and Leaflabs to provide easy Internet connectivity for all types of devices.

Core Tech: Hardwired TCP/IP Stack featuring extreme stability and no processing latency        

: Hardware TCP/IP Chips, Internet MCUs, WiFi Modules, Network modules, Serial-to-Ethernet modules          

: Providing the best add-on Internet connectivity for embedded devices
  • TCP/IP stack is fully implemented in hardwired logics with Ethernet MAC/PHY   
  • Providing Extreme Stability and High Security while maintaining High Speed     
  • Off-loading Internet processing from a MCU, even 8051 can be connected         
  • No need to change a MCU or port OS to add Internet any more, just add one more part# on a BOM.
  • Easy to use by SPI or memory bus interface
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Let us know what you think and how we might improve things around here. We are always looking to do better and would appreciate your feedback. Webadmin@wiznet.co.kr